Where do I even Start?

The last 10 weeks have been unreal.


Starting with the trip to Montreal for the American Sociological Association meeting in Mid-August, I have been traveling a lot.   For work, for fun, for everything in between.  After Montreal was a judo tournament in Cleveland, then a wedding in St. Louis, and an alumni thing in Tallahassee.  When I got back from that, I headed out to Ann Arbor for a work thing.  Next week I am going to see Springsteen on Broadway (squee).  Then we’re going to South Florida for Thanksgiving and up  to Wisconsin for a tournament in December and then to Dallas for Christmas.

It’s great.  But it’s also tiring.  Added on top of that, I am teaching two classes this quarter, a hybrid class that was supposed to be face to face and an online class.  So, it has just felt like I shouldn’t be working on this blog.  It felt wrong.

This is dumb.  Because in this time, I have watched all of the first season of Mindhunter and the last two seasons of Justified.  And all of Parks and Rec (to be fair, I’d started  that little task back in the spring).  I have also read some books.  *no explanation*.

I did recently pass a milestone though- last month WordPress was all over my ass about re-upping my blog hosting.  Having to decide whether or not to do that got me thinking about where this blog is versus where I want it to be and whether this is a project that I can sustain.  The conclusion I came to is that I still have some stuff to say.  It feels premature to shut it down, even if I don’t post nearly as often as I would like.

But we’re at that point of the quarter when I am starting to feel myself.  Kinda like the second trimester of being pregnant.  When your energy levels are back to being normal (somewhat) and you start taking on all kinds of new challenges and such.  That is where we are today.  But, the good news is that by mid-November, I start the long gentle slide to the end of the year… I am not teaching as much.  More time off- so that is good, even if I am traveling a lot.

Here’s to finding the rhythms that suit us.

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